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Direct Mail pack to increase donations

Blue Cross do a fantastic job caring for sick and unwanted pets, treating them until they’re well and then finding new homes for them. They have a loyal base of donors. Our job was to ask if they could give any more, without annoying them. The solution was a charming pack from one of our […]

New campaign for TV, print and digital

The brief was to increase awareness and consideration for the Brittany Ferries offer. More like a cruise ship than a ferry, they take UK holidaymakers across the west channel to France and Spain. Luxury cabins, deck chairs, swimming pools, cinemas and french restaurants ensure their passengers arrive relaxed and refreshed, ready to explore parts of the country […]

What happens in the interviews?

  Saying yes to being interviewed for Marketing Magazine’s Bums on Seats isn’t as scary as it may sound. For starters the interview is conducted by Nick, who is less scary than a pet rabbit who has recently eaten a big meal and is settling down to watch the snooker. You’ll receive the questions he’ll […]

2014 IPA Effectiveness Awards for Pancreatic Cancer Action

On 27 October 2014 we received two awards at the IPA Effectiveness awards for our work for Pancreatic Cancer Action. The awards were Gold and Best Small Budget.   Despite all the progress that has been made, this cancer lags behind all others in survival statistics. For over 40 years, people who have been […]

New brief for a mould breaking campaign!

The brief was simple. Generate affinity for Tesco Mobile. Oh, and your ideas have to be hyper-creative because their spend is a tiny fraction of their competitors’. The winning ideas totally hit the mark. The winning concept was created by: David Chalmers The remaining top 10 winners Ales KocevarGuilherme Souze & Sebastian Pöthe (twice!) Kevin BaldwinRishabh KaulSelina HSimon BTommy Evans & […]