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Our video series with top marketing people

Here’s a short intro to our series Bums on Seats, the video series we’re producing in association with Marketing Magazine. Throughout this series you’ll see some of the top marketing people in the UK give their views on the current state of marketing and the issues they face, plus we give them some conundrums to […]

Are HIPPOs ruining your advertising effectiveness?

What is a HIPPO? HIPPO stands for the Highest Important Person’s Personal Opinion. All of us will have experience of this and many of us would have been the HIPPO ourselves (in many cases it’s our jobs – Planning Directors, Creative Directors, marketing Directors and so on). This is the opinion or view that trumps […]

Interview: developing better advertising using neuroscience (part 1)

Using Neuroscience to develop better advertising The following is the transcript of an interview between Team Darwin’s Nick Radley and Ross Webb of Mindway Media.  Nick was being interviewed about why he is a passionate believer in using neuroscience to help develop better communications.  A few grammatical errors have been corrected and occasionally Nick has […]

How much is a good idea worth, really?

How important are ideas in advertising really? What is a great ad concept worth? Should marketing clients care about creativity for their brand? And if so, what are agencies doing to meet the need for it now they’re running so lean? When you start out in the ad industry it’s taken as read that ideas […]