Our core Products

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When to use us

Hit Refresh

This is for clients and agencies who are struggling to get fresh thinking for their brands. We can provide the stimulus to break the moulded thinking that is inevitably holding you back. Great for international brands with globally aligned agencies.


Something’s just happened and it’s just begging for a tactical response. Ideal for brands looking to be part of the conversation or grow their relationship. Whether you already have fans or want to create some, OMG Now is for you.

Punch Above

There’s a bigger spending brand in your category so you need great ideas to give your media spend extra clout. Don’t settle for the three ideas your agency presents.

Beat That

This is for when your agency cracked a great campaign, but then hasn’t ever managed to match or better it. Don’t fire them, brief us, and see if it’s possible to keep your fame.

Hungry Horse

You’ve got a great story, and you’ve got a content strategy, now all you need is lots and lots of content to keep it well fed.