Shaking up ‘explainer-videos’ for Panasonic


The issue for Panasonic was how to bring their Smart Home monitoring product to life.  In common with many of the new ‘internet of things’ products, Smart Home has many advantages and applications that either people haven’t thought of yet or can be dry to explain.  So this was a brief designed to breathe life into the product.  It was a great example of the TD model as Panasonic needed better ideas and more efficient production than traditionally available.  Using our super efficient online production methodology meant that Panasonic produced films 60% more cheaply than before.  So much so, that they commissioned 10 more films!

Have a look at part 1 – where Dave the guard dog gets a luxurious day off as Panasonic’s smart home takes the graft out of his life.

The film was supported with cut downs and behind the scenes clips and bloopers to add social legs.

More Panasonic projects are on the way!

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