What happens in the interviews?


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Saying yes to being interviewed for Marketing Magazine’s Bums on Seats isn’t as scary as it may sound.

For starters the interview is conducted by Nick, who is less scary than a pet rabbit who has recently eaten a big meal and is settling down to watch the snooker.

You’ll receive the questions he’ll ask a couple of weeks in advance of filming, so you’ll have plenty of time to prepare. If there are questions you’re not comfortable answering, just let us know and we’ll skip over them.

On the filming day we’ll need you for one hour.
When you arrive you’ll be greeted by me, Greg, and we’ll make our way up to where we’re shooting. A nice (but South African) chap called Ross will mic you up, and take care of the camera work.

As an ex-qual researcher, Nick has interviewed thousands of people, and is good at making people feel at ease. He’ll spin through the questions as a warm up, and then you get to give your answers.

At the end Nick will explain that we’ll do a rough edit of all your answers, minus any mistakes he or you makes, for you to approve.
Once you’re happy with the content, we’ll chop it together with other answers to form our episodes.

You’ll appear in at least three episodes over the following months.
So why not join us? You can sign up, and tell us what questions you’d like to cover here.

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